Canterbury Faire 2020 is now over. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a great event!

Future Faires

Planned dates for the future are:

  • 2021: Saturday 23 January - Sunday 31 January
  • 2022: Saturday 22 January - Sunday 30 January

Canterbury Faire 2020 - An Agrarian Affair

Canterbury Faire is held in Waipara, 45 minutes north of Christchurch, New Zealand (see directions).

Imagine the scene: 250 gentles garbed in soft wools and linens. Banners and pennons fly gently in the breeze that stirs the firs. Nearby is a coffee house, where stories of past renown and future conquest are spun, while spindles twirl a more tangible yarn. To one side, knights and nobles practice the arts martial, while consorts discuss bruise remedies. Flocks of charming children run errands when not playing on the lush green grass. A short walk away there is singing beside the waterhole and splashing in the cool deep waters. A hedgehog snuffles idly by.

Peter Jackson couldn't direct Canterbury Faire more perfectly than Southron Gaard. For a precious week, fairegoers step away from the mundane world to a place where clashes of arms see honour showered on victor and loser alike; where the gentle arts are taught and practiced at a pace that allows for true learning; where the Mangy Mongol coffee house keeps even the grumpiest in morning trim; and where theatre and music is always just about to happen.
...Canterbury Faire as seen by Duchess Yolande Kesteven

Come join us for feasting, fun and frolics at Canterbury Faire, hosted by the Barony of Southron Gaard. No mud, no dust, no venymous fauna!

Comfortable bunkrooms, hot showers, shady tent sites, optional meal plan, real toilets, enjoyable medieval pastimes from dawn 'til dusk, and then some.

Please note: the Faire is a private function rather than a public entertainment, hosted by the Barony of Southron Gaard. Guests and day visitors are most welcome so long as they observe our customs and wear medieval costume while attending. More information for people new to the SCA is available here and includes common SCA conventions.

Canterbury Faire 2020 Pricing (as at 2nd November 2019)

Event Pricing:

  • Full Event (not early) Adult: $165.00 Child $80.00
  • Day trip: Adult: $25.00 Child: $12.50
  • (Add $2 to the site fee for all non-member adults. Child prices 2-17 yrs, under 2's free)

Meal Pricing:

  • Meal Plan - Dinners only: Adult: $45.00 Child: $25.00
  • Meal Plan (full event): Adult: $85.00 Child: $45.00
  • Feast: Adult: $27.00 Child: $13.00
  • Repast: Adult: $9.00 Child: $5.00

Other items:

  • Mattress Hire (pair): $15.00
  • Tent Hire: $25.00
  • Bunk Room pp: $25.00
  • Hay Bale: $5.00
  • T-shirt: $25.00
  • Transport to and from site: $32.50 per person per trip (i.e. it's $32.50 to get to site, and $32.50 to get back to the airport per person).

Site opens for camp setup 11am Sat 18th. Event proper does not begin until 5pm Sunday 19th.

Canterbury Faire 2020 - An Agrarian Affair was held Saturday 18 January - Sunday 26 January 2020

The Faire Steward for 2020 was Mistress Aveline Goupil. Please email if you have any enquiries.